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I am an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Domain Name Investor, Internet Marketing Consultant, Business Consultant, Author & Coach.

Below are the endeavors I have been or currently am involved in (both passively or daily).

Domain Name Investments

We purchase and hold some of the greatest Domain Names on the planet. Our proprietary turnkey model has allowed us to build positive ROI.

Digital Media

We invest in companies with on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device.

Toxicology Labs

Medical management company that pair physicians with a laboratory that offers comprehensive and effective drug and alcohol testing options with the primary focus on urine drug testing.

Aerospace Parts & Supply

Company that brokers specialty military spec aircraft parts and supplies between manufacturer and end user.

Producing Oil Wells

Focus on creating income streams through drilling & reworking Oil & Gas wells for monthly profits and tax benefits.

Apartment Projects and Land Transactions

Flipping undervalued Apartments and Land Opportunities.

Cash Flow Positive Website Properties

Internet media company that builds, acquires and enhances branded websites in categories marked by strong advertising spending and high consumer involvement.

VOIP Reseller

Reseller of Digital Phone Service through a national sales team.

Internet Real Estate

We have ownership in revenue-producing online properties such as Domain Names & Websites.

Digital Marketing

Execution & Consulting. As a full service agency we offer services in search engine optimization, search engine marketing strategies, social media, content marketing, analytics, conversion rate optimization, email marketing strategy, Public Relations, Affiliate Partnerships, and more.

Vodka and Spirits

We bring to the marketplace the most incredible tasting beverage in the world. Because “Spirits of the Tsars” can only be produced in limited quantities, it will only be found in select markets around the world.

International Export of Luxury Vehicles

We work with a team of specialized individuals to acquire luxury vehicles in the USA and export them overseas to our dealer partners.


Our company acquires mid-size independent insurance agencies in the Midwest regions of the United States.

Product Placement Program for MLM Markets

We do product placement and consulting work for dietary supplements, functional beverages, energy products, skincare, services based products and more. We also assist in product development & formulation.

Consulting Services for the Internet and Domain Name Market

We help strategize and execute the acquisition of a Domain Name for your company. We perform our services through an anonymous negotiation process, analysis and valuation of the domain name in question, payment exchange, and transfer to your company.

I welcome all entrepreneurial ideas. It all starts with an idea – I’d love to help you grow it into an enterprise. 

Reach out to me on the Contact page and let’s get in touch!